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What does it mean to “ReWild a business”?

Organizational ReWilding is a ground-breaking methodology that applies the scientific process known as “rewilding” to business organizations. The methodology identifies and infuses missing key systemic elements into companies, resulting in high-functioning, highly profitable businesses. 

A strong management team is one of the key elements often missing in small and mid-size businesses. Infusing the Exceptional Manager Program into an organization has tremendous ripple effects throughout the company’s ecosystem.

What is the Exceptional Manager Program?

The Exceptional Manager Program (EMP) is a unique 12-month learning experience that shapes a management team into the backbone of an exceptional company.

Leveraging the power of multimodal education, EMP consists of online, in-person, and on the job components over twelve months. Knowledge transfer is performed through online videos that give flexibility in when and where they are viewed. Half-day interactive classroom sessions are spent in facilitated discussions and hands-on exercises, applying concepts and tools to the participants’ individual businesses. Between classroom sessions, participants spend time employing what they have learned.

EMP is the management program for today’s managers.

How do I become a Certified Instructor?

To become a Certified Instructor, you’ll attend a two-day certification training. This training will prepare you to conduct sessions of the Exceptional Manager Program in your local market.


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2019 Instructor Certification Program



This 2-day program is held in beautiful Denver, Colorado.


The certification program costs $5,000. Register today to save your spot for only $500.


The 2019 Instructor Certification will occur on:

November 21 - 22, 2019