Our Story

The origin of The ReWild Group stretches back more than 30 years.  Even from the beginning we were explorers—it’s in our DNA both as individuals and as an organization.

We started as a small business consultancy that took a systematic approach to collecting data on the businesses we interacted with. Unable to locate a comprehensive understanding of how business grew successfully from academic sources or best-selling authors, we were on a mission to unlock the secret of what made some companies grow, shrink, succeed, and fail.

Our expedition led us to more than 1,300 businesses over 30 years. As we studied these companies, we saw distinct, identifiable, and predictable patterns that directly impacted a company’s ability to sustain growth. These observations fueled our invention of The Stages of Growth(SM)—a methodology that reflects what our research clearly showed—that every company goes through seven distinct stages of growth based on the complexity of the organization. This discovery became the foundation for the knowledge powerhouse that is The ReWild Group.

Through Organizational ReWilding(SM), we are sharing our discoveries with business owners and leaders to identify the missing key systemic elements in their organizations. Join us on this adventure.

Watch the video below to learn more about Organizational ReWilding!


Our Mission

Thirty-three years ago, we began our work with growing enterprises representing over 35 industries.  Since those early years, the purpose of our work has not changed: to help business leaders grow exceptional businesses, that are high-functioning, highly-profitable enterprises, and have achieved a state of resilience, vitality, and dynamic order throughout their organization.