Exceptional Manager Program (EMP)℠

For Managers and Leaders

As you know, managing people is the single most challenging aspect of any leadership role. This is often the task that produces the most “burned-out” supervisors and the most frustrated leaders.

Remember, though, "employees don't leave the company, they leave their manager."

All leaders and managers struggle to motivate, discipline, and inspire our employees. Because, secret’s out, you too are simply human.

This program is dedicated to teaching managers and leaders to effectively focus both their own limited resources and their teams’ resources to being one highly productive team.


The Exceptional Manager Program is a skill-centric, manager learning experience composed of interactive half-day seminars, an online Training Center containing specific manager and supervisor on-demand content, plus a weekly “Stay-in-Touch System” that focuses your managers and supervisors on the acquisition of the critical skills so necessary to producing the results you require. 

This program provides a systematic and comprehensive method for instilling the necessary skills managers and supervisors need to be successful individually, and create highly effective teams.


  • Your managers and supervisors will have a clear understanding of how to manage four key areas: Self, Staff, Work, and Workplace.

  • Participants will develop the skills needed to be exceptional leaders of teams and departments.

  • Pre- and post-training assessments help you monitor the effectiveness of the program.

  • Your organization will benefit from all managers and supervisors having common language to use in their leadership roles.