ReWild Business Assessment™ 

(15 minutes)

The ReWild Business Assessment uses a dozen analytical dimensions to show you what is happening beneath the surface of your company and provide tangible points of prioritization.

It may seem a bit like magic, but rest assured it's based on our empirical research over 30+ years covering 1,300 companies in dozens of industries. 

For only a few minutes of your time, you can gain insights that will make you a more successful business owner or leader.  

Challenges of Growth Assessment

(2 minutes)

Business leaders face a constant stream of challenges that often seem to be unpredictable and hard to define. 

The Challenges of Growth Report gives business owners and leaders clarifying language and insight about the challenges they are wrestling with. The report also includes pointers on focusing your efforts. 

Our proprietary 30+ years of research covering 1,300 companies in dozens of industries provides the foundation of this report. 

The Stages of Growth™ Assessment

(2 minutes)

Did you know that every business, regardless of location or industry, goes through The Seven Stages of Growth?  And that if you understand The Stage of Growth your business is in that you can accurately diagnose the challenges you are facing, and even predict what obstacles you will experience next. 

Our proprietary research spanning 30+ years has discovered a simple but powerful way to better understand your business though The Stages of Growth™.

Get a free report of your company’s stage to receive guidance on 6 key areas you need to focus on as a business owner. 

Leadership Style Assessment

(2 minutes)

Leading a business changes as the organization grows, and knowing what changes your organization needs from you helps your business be more successful, and reduces your frustration in managing your team.

Our Leadership Style Assessment uses data from leading resources, including our own proprietary research, to identify the primary, secondary and tertiary leadership style you need to be employing for your business today.  

It only takes a couple of minutes to access this valuable insight.