"[The Stages of Growth] allowed me to look at A-OK from a different point of view. We took a company with 120 employees that was making $300,000 net profit down to about 60 employees and a net profit of $1.2 million. By following [The ReWild Group] initiatives and simply using the knowledge James taught us about our stage of growth, we learned how to transition our company and were able to more than triple our net profit in a very short period of time."

- Bruce Harris, CEO (A-OK)

Allen Technology Advising

"I started working with James [from The ReWild Group] in 2010 to prepare my technology business so that I could leave for a 7-month volunteer sabbatical in Tanzania, Africa. My goal was to have my business to grow in my absence[...] I did leave for 7 months at the end of 2012 and I didn’t check an e-mail or voicemail. My business grew by 34%. James deserves a lot of credit for this growth."

— Ben Allen, CEO (Allen Technology Advising)

Front Range Media

“The insight we have seen into our business as a result of the wisdom and concrete tools provided by The ReWild Group is nothing less than magic. Our company has benefited specifically from the Biz Model Tool. ...we have seen our business grow every year in spite of many external challenges.”

— Chris Wright, Managing Director (Front Range Media)

Manes Machine

“We have been in business for thirty-four years. The ReWild Group was able to help us become a lot more focused on the work and what we needed to pursue, as well as how to get there. In addition, The ReWild Group has helped implement a plan to help grow our company and our people without me being the focal point.”

— Bruce Page, President (Manes Machine)

Management Possible

“I think people who have been to business school and have got a degree in business, think that they understand what it takes to run a business. From my experience with The ReWild Group, I can tell them that they are going to be surprised by what they don’t know, because you are looking at the business at a deeper level and a more inclusive level than I think what business school actually provides.”

— Jennifer Long, CEO, (Management Possible)