Exceptional Manager Program (EMP)℠

For Business Leaders, Managers and Supervisors

Managing people is the single most challenging aspect of any leadership role. This is often the task that produces the most burned-out supervisors and the most frustrated leaders.

This program is designed to shape your organization’s management team into the backbone of an exceptional company.


The Exceptional Manager Program is a 12-month learning experience comprised of four components:

  • The ReWild Global online learning platform delivers videos of core instructional content so participants come to class already familiar with the key concepts.

  • Interactive half-day seminars are designed to be highly engaging to facilitate the adoption of the principles

  • Weekly email touches reinforce key principles and remind participants of assignments due in upcoming classes

  • Periodic assessments allow progress to be measured during the year-long program

This program provides a systematic and comprehensive method for instilling the necessary mindset and skills managers need to create high levels of values for the organization.


  • Your managers and supervisors will have a clear understanding of how to manage four key areas: Self, Staff, Work, and Workplace.

  • Participants will develop the skills needed to be exceptional leaders of teams and departments.

  • Pre- and post-training assessments help you monitor the effectiveness of the program.

  • Your organization will benefit from all managers and supervisors having common language to use in their leadership roles.