ReWild Your Consulting Business

Become a Certified Organizational ReWilding Adviser™


What is Organizational ReWilding? How does it benefit me?

Organizational ReWilding is a ground-breaking methodology that applies the scientific process known as “rewilding” to business organizations.   The methodology identifies and infuses missing key systemic elements into companies, resulting in high-functioning, highly profitable businesses. 

It is uniquely better than other small and mid-size business growth methodology on the market because it utilizes the proven 7 Stages of Growth research. 

By becoming a certified Adviser, business consultants and coaches can access new revenue opportunities that supplement existing capabilities.

How do I make money from becoming an Organizational ReWilding Adviser?

Certified Advisers participate in a revenue sharing plan structured to ensure Organizational ReWilding becomes a key component to reaching your financial goals. The Organizational ReWilding framework features multiple revenue opportunities that span the needs and strengths of business consultants and coaches.  Existing and planned capabilities include:

  • Online Tools (2020)

  • Manager Training Program (2020)

  • ReWild Business Assessment

  • Key Element Consulting Packages

  • Stages of Growth Online Series


Take the First Step

2019 Adviser Certification Programs

To become a Certified Organizational ReWilding Adviser and be eligible for revenue-sharing opportunities, you must complete the Organizational ReWilding Core Certification Program which covers:

  • Organizational ReWilding methodology and framework

  • The Organizational ReWilding Stages of Growth methodology

  • ReWild Business Assessment

  • ReWild Business Model



This 2-day program is held in beautiful Denver, Colorado.


The certification program costs $3,000. Register today to save your spot for only $300.


The 2019 Adviser Certification will occur on:

September 26 - 27, 2019


At the end of the certification program, Advisers will be:

  • Eligible for Revenue Sharing

  • Provided marketing/operational support and eligible for a lead sharing program

  • Well-versed in the Organizational ReWilding Stages of Growth Methodology, and ready to facilitate its use through forums.

  • Given early access to the Stages of Growth Online Series

  • Able to sell and deliver the findings from ReWild Business Assessments

  • Ready to consult with clients on ReWild Business Model engagement

Ready to take the next step in increasing your consulting business revenue?